LETTUCE MAKE YOU LAUGH will bring the FUN back to cooking and entertaining with great easy recipes and hilarious adult jokes.  Successful cooking is all about timing, confidence and great easy goof-proof gourmet recipes.  Learn how to prepare delicious dishes at your convenience and refrigerate or freeze until you are ready to entertain.  I will even share with you my catering secrets on keeping pre made dinners warm until your guests are ready to eat.

Learn how to plan a menu, add restaurant quality taste to simple dishes and elegance to simple presentations.  Wow your guests with funny jokes then watch the sheer blissful looks as they taste your food and you will reap the reward you so richly deserve.

You say you’re not a good cook?  Don’t have much time?  Then this site is perfect for you.  Learn to have fun cooking as a couple.  New cooks will find quick and easy recipes.  Advanced cooks will find new ways of creating wonderful dishes ahead of time and having them ready to serve when guests arrive.  EVERYBODY WILL LAUGH AT THE JOKES. You’ll even find wonderful recipes for your nightly meals. 

Chef Jill Lundberg

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